Concert photos: Joey Arminio & “The Family,” Jay Siegel’s Tokens, and Charlie Thomas’ Drifters

When you try to explain iPlay America to someone who has never been there, they just don’t get it. That’s because there’s really nothing like it. Anywhere. Well, except in your wildest childhood fantasies. Make a list of every thrill you can imagine. Don’t be conservative, go crazy. Make that list enormous! A roller coaster, laser tag, rope courses, an arcade, boardwalk games and food, go karts, mini bowling, a 4D theater, bumper cars, candy, spinning rides, a virtual reality arena, special events, concerts, holiday celebrations, parties, wrestling, pop stars, and even celebrity meet-and-greets! iPlay America has all that and more.

On Sunday, September 24, New Jersey’s favorite family-friendly venue outdid itself yet again. This time, it was a dinner theater featuring a delectable buffet of choice cuisine along with three incredible performing groups: Joey Arminio & “The Family,” Jay Siegel’s Tokens, and Charlie Thomas’ Drifters.

Joey Arminio & “The Family”

The only thing more dazzling than frontwoman Doreen Arminio’s radiant smile and sparkling dress is the band’s ability to deliver a strikingly vibrant set of cherished favorites. The hits range from Joey’s spot on “Yakety Sax” and the rollicking “Barbara Ann” [Joey was a member of The Regents for over 10 years] to the goosebump-inducing pizzazz of “Why Do Fools Fall in Love.” Solid, diverse, and thoroughly entertaining.


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Jay Siegel’s Tokens

They just don’t make ’em like this anymore. Jay Siegel’s Tokens is a top-shelf, class act with sublime vocals and Vegas showmanship. Siegel delivers the hits and the history as he, Kurt Yaghjian, and Bill Reid sing the beloved songs from The Tokens, The Chiffons, The Happenings, and others, while revisiting cherished memories from those early days. This trio expertly performs classics ranging from “Tonight I Fell in Love” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” to “Runaround Sue” and “My Girl.” Tight, refined, and strikingly beautiful, Jay Siegel’s Tokens perform a show you will never forget.

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Charlie Thomas’ Drifters

Accept no substitutes. The phenomenal Charlie Thomas is the only original living Drifter. Seeing Charlie Thomas’ Drifters is a bucket list concert event. Elegance personified. When these guys sing iconic singles such as “On Broadway,” “This Magic Moment,” “Up on the Roof,” or “Under the Boardwalk,” it’s musical rapture. The octogenarian and his boys still know how to do it, and they do it with an unparalleled style and an exemplary savoir faire. Sleek, classy, and unfathomably epic.

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What’s up next for this funtastic family entertainment mecca? How about some world-class kickboxing, an Olympic athlete, one of the hottest pop artist of today, and a Broadway caliber show? Check out iPlay America’s Upcoming Events for details!

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