Hot & New: Featuring Becca Mancari, Whitney Peyton, Shayna Leigh, Amber Mark, and Cataldo

Artist: Becca Mancari
Title: “Summertime Mama”
Of Note: “Summertime Mama” is the second single from Becca Mancari’s first studio album, Good Woman, which will be available on October 6, 2017.
Fun Fact: The video features Bermuda Triangle (aka Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes and Jesse Lafser).
Quote: “‘Summertime Mama’ is probably the most whimsical and carefree track on the record, and I love it for that reason. It’s a song about having a crush from afar, and hoping the person will notice you. What I love about it is that I feel like everyone can relate to what it feels like to have summer love, and as quickly as it comes, the changing season takes it away.” — Becca Mancari

Artist: Whitney Peyton
Title: “Woopty Woo Woo”
Of Note: This video helps celebrate Whitney’s deal with Tragic Hero Records and features a more in-your-face approach.
Quote: “I told myself that if I ever signed with a label they would need to match my work ethic and really see my vision. Tragic Hero is made up of really excited and hungry individuals that root for the ‘underdog,’ which is something I’ve always represented and never wanted to abandon. My new projects are still hip hop, but will take on a more modern evolved sound as I develop as an artist.” — Whitney Peyton

Artist: Shayna Leigh
Title: “Frequency”
Of Note: The video stars Kim Beavers and is one of a five-part series that is framed by a wedding. It was directed and edited by Virginia Crawford; the director of photography was Julia Swain.
Quote: “Frequency is a song about attraction. It’s about that unquantifiable, indescribable thing that sparks between two people and changes the game. It is about the feeling we chase when we’re looking for love.” — Shayna Leigh

Artist: Amber Mark
Title: “Heatwave”
Of Note: Having spent her formative years traveling the world, Amber’s music is a kaleidoscope of influences. On this single, she’s channeling Latin percussion and big-room vocals to add flair to the up-tempo, carnival-inspired track.
Quote: “‘Heatwave’ just fits the feel of summer for me. It was getting hot in NYC and I was finally enjoying a break from the long winter.” — Amber Mark

Artist: Cataldo
Title: “Little Heartbeat”
Fun Fact: The now Seattle-based musician, Eric Anderson (aka Cataldo), grew up in Moscow… Idaho.
Quote: “This song touches on falling in love as a teenager — when you’re old enough to have wheels, flirt, and stay out late, but too young to leave town or go to a bar.” — Eric Anderson

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