Start the New Year off hot with “Vivica’s Black Magic” on Lifetime

Vivica A. Fox has incredible ideas. She’s also got limitless energy and has earned the respect needed to make things happen. Big things. This country could have saved itself a great deal of grief by simply declaring her Queen and letting her take control. But then, that would have meant we would no longer be able to watch her in hit television shows like “Empire” or become obsessed with her movies like “Sharknado 2: The Second One,” “Kill Bill” (both of ’em), “Independence Day,” Chocolate City,” and countless others. It also would mean that Ms. Fox would be so busy running the country that her sizzling Poetic Justice line would likely cease to exist.

And we just couldn’t have that.

We need Vivica A. Fox in our life. We need her attitude, her style, and her pizzazz! We need her to forge the path to create bold, addictive programs like her new Lifetime reality series called “Vivica’s Black Magic,” which is produced by Propagate and premieres Wednesday, January 4 at 10/9c.

10-vbm_20160316_anre_0204_1“What’s great about ‘Vivica’s Black Magic’ is that we’re doing something that’s different, but totally fun,” the multitalented artist/entrepreneur expressed with a crackle of infectious vibrancy. “This was my brainchild and our goal is to create the ultimate girls night out.”

It all started when Vivica worked with Jean-Claude La Marre on a film called “Chocolate City” (2015), which was basically the African American version of “Magic Mike.” “I went to see him one day and I said, ‘Boy, do you have a jewel here! This could be the gift that keeps on giving.’ He said, ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘You could do a reality show, you could do a tour, you could do a franchise…’ And he said, ‘Okay, how about you and I go around and we pitch this idea.'”

“Vivica’s Black Magic” is the kind of show that makes women start fanning themselves because the sexual heat is unbearable. Ms. Fox has found eight of the hottest, most physically impressive alpha males in the country and she has put them together to create one sizzling, urban exotic male revue called “Black Magic.” The television series that she created and financed with her own money and branded with her own name chronicles Vivica and her girl squad, Eurika and Kiana, as they attempt to whip these men into Vegas shape to get them a spot on the famous Strip.

“How do I know when I have an idea worth pursuing?” she repeated. “That’s a great question. With this show, there’s just something about it. Right now, strippers are winning. Back in the day, people used to act like it was so taboo. But now, everybody wants to make it rain! People love being on Instagram, showing off their bodies. Our society just loves a beautiful body!”

Vivica was talking with a little thrill coloring her voice. She seemed excited to admit there was an aspect of this show that involved turning the tables and making men ‘work it’ to earn her approval. Especially during the auditions.

“Oh yeah, it was lovely having the shoe on the other foot for once!” she confessed. “The guys had to come in and show me what they were working with. And then I got to be, ‘Hmmm, I don’t know if you’ve got a six pack, maybe you think you do, but it’s really only a four pack,'” she laughed. “Or, ‘Sorry, I’m not feeling it. Take it off and show me what your working with, fellas.'”

However, Vivica warns, even though it’s a series built around watching strippers, that’s not what makes the show work. “You get to see three women in charge of eight alpha males,” she explained. “I think that’s the funny part. You’re going to see them try and have their little selfish moments, ‘What about me?! What about me?!’ and I’ll be like, ‘What about you? Get your ass in line and dance!'” she laughed. “Each one of these guys has to understand respect, know his place, play his position, and stay in his lane for this to work. It’s a journey and sometimes I was feeling, ‘What that hell did I sign up for?! They would work my damn nerves and when they did, I would let them know it!”

01-vbm_gallery_20160323_jv_0065-copy“You’ll also get to know their background and discover why some of them decided to get into the business of being male exotic dancers. One guy is a professional dancer and an aspiring singer and he just thought this would be a great opportunity. We have another guy who isn’t even a dancer, he’s a trainer who has the most beautiful body, and you’ll see him become a dancer and learn to work with the team. These guys are from all over America. You’ll see them come together and find out if they really have what it takes to make it in Vegas.”

“Vivica’s Black Magic” premiere’s January 4 on Lifetime at 10/9c. “No matter how crazy the world gets, just know that you can tune in every Wednesday night and have a drink and a smile compliments of Vivica!”

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Lifetime: websiteFacebookTwitter

Vivica just returned from South Africa where she was filming “Bring It On 6,” — she plays the “Cheer Goddess.” She also recently premiered her directorial debut with a music video called “We On” from a young rap artist named Thomas Hobbs. The video features some of the guys from “Vivica’s Black Magic” as well as clothing from Vivica’s Poetic Justice Jeans line. She is also working on a motivational book for St. Martin’s Press. And, don’t forget to watch her each week as she plays Candace, Cookie’s (Taraji P. Henson) older sister on Fox’s “Empire.”

Check out the gallery of guys you’ll be getting to know this season on “Vivica’s Black Magic”:

02-vbm_20160316_anre_0183_1Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire
 (@itsbolobaby) – Atlanta, GA
Known for his famous #BOLOSOLO, “Bolo” is the most well-known and in demand black exotic dancer in the country. He’s looking to take his brand world-wide with Black Magic and find real love along the way.

07-39615602_vbm_20160316_anre_0067Alvester Martin
 (@alv3ster) – Los Angeles, CA
An alpha male, seasoned dance veteran and musician, Alvester has toured with the likes of Beyonce and Mariah and brings along the same amount of diva drama and attitude.

08-39615599_vbm_20160316_anre_0036Jonathan “Heat” Martinez
 (@heat718) – New York, NY
The former boxer is also the top male Latin entertainer in the business. While he’s with the guys in LA, his heart is back in NY with his big Dominican family.

03-vbm_20160316_anre_0131Greg “White Chocolate” Jackson (@jackson629) – Baltimore, MD
A stock broker turned dancer, “White” Chocolate” is following in the footsteps of his stripper father. “White Chocolate” is trying to juggle his girlfriend, their young son and his dance ambitions.

04-vbm_20160316_anre_0166Mike “Profit the Problem” Strong (@mrmikestrong) – Los Angeles, CA
The funny guy of the crew, this single dad was a top college athlete who gave it all up to provide for his children.

09-39615596_vbm_20160316_anre_0007Steven “Charm” Beck (@thestevenbeck) – Atlanta, GA
A newbie to the dance scene, he’s a nerdy sweetheart turned hunk celebrity trainer and Internet fitness guru who is hoping to expand his brand by starting a clothing line and fitness app…that is, if he can survive the glare of the magic spotlight.

05-39615608_vbm_20160316_anre_0108Andrew “Penetration” Williams (@the_penetration) – Los Angeles, CA

This business owner, choreographer and single dad from Compton is dancing his way to his dreams. The rock solid, team player of the group, he’s committed to taking Black Magic all the way to the top…but will new opportunities from the commercial dance world make him second guess his career?

06-39615605_vbm_20160316_anre_0079Christian “Slo-Motion” Dennis (@slomotion4me) – Los Angeles, CA
The “prince” of the LA urban exotic dance scene is the favorite of the locals but when he joins the group alongside the nation’s top dancers in the game, “Slo-Motion” kicks into overdrive to prove he’s more than a local Don Juan to prove he is a bona fide dance star destined for the big stage.

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