Book Review: “The Mummy of Monte Cristo” by J. Trevor Robinson

The Mummy of Monte Cristo hits the ground running and grabs hold of the reader, whisking them away on an epic adventure that lasts for over two decades. J. Trevor Robinson’s version of the classic “Monte Cristo” tale, however, is a little different from the one that French author Alexandre Dumas detailed in 1844. Specifically, Robinson’s saga is filled with magic, monsters, and mythical creatures.

Initially, Robinson masterfully downplays these supernatural elements, making them feel commonplace. During this time, the author focuses on introducing the main characters. He details who they are, how they think, what is important to them, and how they can be hurt. The reader watches, often in horror, as these individuals make cruel choices that reveal the depravity of their souls. Their self-serving actions carve a swath of pain and destruction across Paris that only broadens in scope as the story progresses. Fortunately, Robinson also sows the seeds that eventually take root to create a larger-than-life (and death) hero.

When Edmond Dantès, the protagonist, reaches his personal point of no return at the end of Act I, the supernatural moves out of the background to become the driving force of the story. These fantastic elements — villains that incinerate you with a gesture, fiends that crave living flesh, vile humans with the strength of many men, legions of the undead, and more — raise the stakes, add peril, and propel the plot forward like an otherworldly juggernaut. The result is a threat that might be even more than an immortal mummy can handle.

Over the course of 600 pages, Robinson takes the time to detail each cog in this great machine so his readers understand how and why it moves as it does. Few authors have the ability to write with the authority, insight and conviction that Robinson wields. His colossal tale of betrayal and vengeance unfolds with a nurturing patience that makes for a truly satisfying read — every plot thread ties up neatly… or is cruelly snipped, as befits a character’s (mis)deeds.

J. Trevor Robinson

The Mummy of Monte Cristo by J. Trevor Robinson is available on Amazon. It is an engaging and rewarding story that weaves together elements of classic literature and horror to create a gripping novel that resonates with a profound understanding of the human condition.

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