Michelle LeBlanc: The power of surrender


Photo: Danielle Shields

If you follow her on social media, then you already know that today (April 5), Michelle LeBlanc is releasing a new single called “A Good Man.” You also might have noticed that Michelle is in the midst of a spiritual awakening. It has been such a powerful experience that she has started a blog documenting her awakening. The blog is called, appropriately enough, Goddess Status.

“It’s been so crazy and insane and awesome!” Michelle expressed. “Every day, I find myself in conversations with people who are saying, ‘What are you doing? You have transformed!’ And I’ll be like, ‘Well, let me tell you because it’s been very powerful.'”

It’s not just Michelle, the entire world has been going through a period of change as well. With all that is happening, it may feel like turmoil, but it’s really just growing pains.

“Recently, there was a two-year period of eclipses that were in the signs of Leo and Aquarius,” Michelle explained. “The energies around those eclipses had a lot to do with power struggles both on the outside and also within ourselves. You could see it in the politics, immigration, the differences between men and women, and the #metoo movement. There were all kinds of power struggles that came to light during that period. There were also a great deal of secrets and hidden things coming to the surface as well.”

“As it turns out, my sun is in Leo and my moon is in Aquarius, so those two years were just insane for me. I wasn’t aware of how much those energies were affecting me until I was at the tail end of it all.”

Michelle had a life in New York City, but she was beginning to feel like she was at a crossroads. After a little nudge from a tarot reader, Michelle decided to walk away from it all and start over as a songwriter in Nashville.

Music wasn’t new to her, it had been Michelle’s constant companion, accompanying her throughout her life, she just never felt safe enough to pursue it outside of her own bedroom. Instead, Michelle escaped through acting. It was much easier (and safer) to hide behind a character than it was to open up and let people in.

Photo: Danielle Shields

The result of her bold leap was a beautifully confessional EP called A Man Like You, which Michelle released in early 2018. On the surface, the EP was about a guy – a guy that the tarot reader predicted would come into Michelle’s life. On a deeper level, however, the EP explored Michelle’s reaction to the many changes she was going through.

“I did a really good job of putting myself out there, dealing with my vulnerability, and moving my project forward,” she recalled. “But it ended up triggering a lot of shame and guilt and all of this unexplained emotion. I didn’t really know where it was coming from. I came out of the EP feeling really crappy about myself. I think that was because my self-worth was not where it needed to be for me to continue to move forward.”

A few months later, after a bit of soul searching, Michelle decided it was time to remove everything from her life that was unhealthy, whether it was emotional or physical in nature. She was caught up in both the Nashville music scene and the Nashville bartender scene, so there were a lot of unhealthy habits that she needed to purge.

“It was a life-changing experience,” Michelle told Entertaining Options. “That stillness set off a lot of synchronicity that led me from one healing modality to another. I just sunk deeper and deeper into healing and dealing with all these emotions – why was I experiencing them and where were they coming from?”

Although she didn’t realize it until a few months later, Michelle had entered a kundalini awakening. According to mystical text from Hinduism and Buddhism that dates back as far as 600 A.D., kundalini energy resides, much like a coiled serpent, at the base of your spine, where the root chakra is located.

“Your root chakra is about safety and feeling grounded, knowing that you have everything you need. Most of us are safe. Most of us are blessed enough to have food and water and shelter, but we still live in that panic. But if you surrender to the higher power, to the flow of your life, and surrender to being protected, you don’t have to live in that panic.”

Photo: Danielle Shields

“Surrender is a process. It’s something that we’re always working on in our lifetime. We have moments of connecting to it, but then things are thrown at us and we have to keep working on being more and more flexible with surrender. I certainly will have moments when I’m feeling very surrendered, but then I’ll be triggered two minutes later and it may be a month before I realize, ‘Oh yeah, I should get back to surrendering.'”

As the chakras open – seven in all – the energy travels up your spine to the crown chakra, which is the most spiritual chakra. When this final chakra opens, you become more aware of the world and your connection to everything. That process, in short, is a kundalini awakening.

“The other day, I moved into my crown chakra,” Michelle informed. “I had been in my third eye chakra for about a month and a half, which was very interesting. The third eye chakra is all about seeing and the truth. When that chakra opened, some sh*t showed up and I had to do a lot of healing.”

Michelle explained that the only way to truly heal is to take responsibility for the role you play in your own missed opportunities and the role you play in your own pain. Only after that has happened can you begin to find the safety in your life.

On one level, the #metoo movement – which gained incredible momentum during that aforementioned two-year period of eclipses – is a reaction to women not being safe. On another, much more powerful level, it is an awakening of feminine power that marks the start of remarkable global changes that many predict will be continuing over the next several years, ushering us into a new age of enlightenment.

“So many women are reacting to not being safe. We all have experienced needing to protect ourselves and being put in positions where we have to be a bitch to keep people away who shouldn’t be advancing towards us,” Michelle pointed out. “If we don’t know that we are safe and that we can protect ourselves, then we can’t be open and we can’t receive.”

“There is something very powerful about feminine energy,” Michelle elaborated. “A woman gets her power when she leans back to receive. You can’t be open, you can’t surrender, if you are in constant tension. I’ve had to do a lot of work on myself to remove the things that keep me from being still and keep me from creating the space in my life so I can just lean back and let all the good things that I deserve come in.”

“It’s about working through anything that is keeping you from fully having faith that things are working out in your favor. I’m watching it and I’m seeing how it’s affecting my life. It’s as powerful as sh*t and it is changing lives around me. I’m letting things settle in different ways than they were before, in more peaceful, calm, and productive ways.”

For Michelle, part of that translates into her creativity. Because she feels safe, she doesn’t have to protect herself by keeping away the emotions that she is afraid will hurt her. Although the new single was written and recorded while she was still in the early stages of her awakening, the sonic textures of her music are already leaning towards a more cosmic vibe.

“I think that’s part of my growth as an artist,” she commented. “As I am becoming more and more comfortable with myself and my connection to my spirituality, I can see that my music is following suit”

Photo: Danielle Shields

“A Good Man” takes another look at the guy from the previous EP, the one that the tarot reader predicted would be part of Michelle’s life. As the song drifts into being with a breathy, intimate musing, it slowly reveals a troubling insecurity. Michelle exquisitely captures that feeling of worrying that you are in a relationship that is more important to you than the other person. Then, just as she begins to question her self-worth, wondering what is wrong with her, the chorus emerges like a guardian angel, providing solace.

LeBlanc is an adept writer who fearlessly explores her deepest, most revealing emotions, leaving herself at once fully vulnerable and immensely powerful. “A Good Man” nestles quietly within the soul as the song’s gentle, hypnotic rhythm directs the focus to Michelle’s warm and bewitching vocals. The track offers peace, serenity, and a feeling of comfort that could ultimately lead to surrender, healing, and awakening.

“I don’t know what kind of soul contract he and I signed before we both showed up on this planet, but it’s a little intense,” Michelle concluded. “I think we both feel that way and I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do feel that this connection is a constant source of inspiration for both of us. I think there always will be some sort of door open, but I don’t know if anything more will ever happen. It’s complicated and it’s been very confusing, but I know there are no hard feelings. There is only love, as far as I am concerned.”

“‘A Good Man’ is a love song and I’m going to let this love song do whatever magic it needs to do,” she added. “I’m going to surrender to whatever that song wants to do for itself… and for my life.”

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