Q&A with Jenna and Cale from Lifetime’s “Love at First Flight”


Love at First Flight

With this episode, the couples cross the halfway point in their incredible journey. It’s time to step things up, take bigger risks, and get very real with each other because that appointment at the alter is getting closer and closer.

Following their lead, Entertaining Options has decided to step up our game as well. For the next four weeks, we will be increasing our coverage of these eight extraordinary people (Jenna and Cale, Stephanie and Michael, Alma and Michael, and Stephanie and Ryan) who have become our obsession. From now until the season finale, we will be spotlighting a different couple each week with a Q&A that offers a deeper look into who these individuals are and how they feel about dating and love.

First up, it’s the intriguing fire of Jenna and Cale!

In a lasting relationship, is it okay to have parts of yourself that you keep to yourself? Why/why not?

Jenna: Yes, I believe it is okay to have parts you keep to yourself. Not secrets. But parts that are pertinent to you as an individual and can be maintained during “alone time.”

Cale: In a lasting relationship, your significant other will know you so well that there is nothing you can or would want to keep to yourself. Commitment to a lasting relationship requires two people to share the same goal of loving and supporting one another. Once you reach a certain level of intimacy in a lasting relationship, thoughts and feelings can be perceived without necessarily being spoken.

Which romantic comedy best describes your love life? Why?

Cale: The romantic comedy that best describes my love life is probably Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates because I’m really fun at weddings, but my dating life is historically laughable. Finding a wedding date seems like a perpetual item on my to-do list.

Jenna: He’s Just Not that into You. Because boys are confusing and girls are crazy.

What is the best dating advice you have ever been given?

Cale: Go into a date with the mindset of having an opportunity to share a life experience in good company.

Jenna: “Just don’t.”

This week’s sneak peeks:

Described as Married at First Sight meets The Amazing Race, Lifetime’s Love at First Flight airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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