Dorothy: “Flawless”

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Dorothy Martin of Dorothy performing at the TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

Currently, burgeoning rock superstar, Dorothy, is on her 2018 Freedom Tour. The two-month stint has been selling out venues across the country as the dynamic artist gets fans amped up for the release of her second full-length album, 28 Days in the Valley, the follow up to her groundbreaking, career-establishing, gritty powerhouse, ROCKISDEAD. The upcoming album was produced, engineered, and co-written by the legendary Linda Perry (P!nk, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani) and it promises to elevate this Budapest-born, San Diego-raised artist from intimate thousand plus venue shows to epic stadium-sized world tour events.

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Dorothy Martin of Dorothy performing at the TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

Vocalist Dorothy Martin has a soulful, spitfire delivery that easily rivals the greats such as Janis Joplin or Grace Slick. It is bolstered by a stage presence that is at once larger-than-life and effortless, allowing her to deliver the type of performance you might expect from Mick Jagger or Stevie Nicks. When Dorothy steps in front of an audience, her natural swagger makes it clear that this is what she was born to do. Her words, music, fierce vocals, and unadulterated joy connect savagely with her ardent fans, who range from 8 to 80, raising frequencies and elevating moods to euphoric levels.

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Dorothy Martin of Dorothy performing at the TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

In May of 2017, Dorothy released a stand-alone single called “Down to the Bottom,” which debuted at #1 on Billboard‘s Heatseeker’s chart. The anthemic song with the addictive hook that chants “Take me down, everybody down/Take me down, down to the bottom,” thematically represents what was going on in Dorothy’s life during the making of 28 Days in the Valley.

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Dorothy Martin of Dorothy revealing the night’s set list at the TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

After a brutal night of hard-partying, the singer showed up at the studio to lay down some vocals for the album. After completely blowing it, Perry, who also manages the band, warned, “If you feel you can’t do this, tell me now because you’re wasting my time. You are better than this. Call your sponsor, go to a meeting, get your sh*t together because these songs are great and we are going to make a f***ing great record.”

** Final Dorothy IMG_5127 copy 5 smooth copy
Dorothy Martin of Dorothy performing at the TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

“I hit my rock bottom that day,” Dorothy stated in a press release. “I sounded like sh*t. I felt like sh*t. I looked like sh*t. I was making my band suck. I was erratic. I was crying. Linda sat me down and handed me my ass.”

* IMG_5011 2 smooth copy 2
Leroy Wulfmeier of Dorothy performing at the TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

“This was a spiritual journey and very healing, and because of that it’s an unapologetically honest record. Somehow Linda knew I had more to give as a singer and writer. I used to hide behind the tough girl sound, but she taught me that there is power in my vulnerability and that’s what you get on this record.”

* Dorothy close IMG_5149 copy smooth copy 3
Dorothy Martin of Dorothy performing at the TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

Speaking of vulnerability, the first single off the upcoming album is a potent, heart-wrenching scorcher that begins with the devastating lyrics, “You said you loved me, but you threw me out in the garbage/Now I’m starting to stink, but everybody thinks I’m flawless.” However, by the song’s end, Dorothy emerges triumphant as she defiantly proclaims, “Coming out of all my darkness/Now that I’m flawless/ Can you feel it?/Can you feel it?”

IMG_4950 copy 4
Dorothy Martin of Dorothy performing at the TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

“It’s about an ex who really did a number on me,” she explained. “This one came fast to me. It was very subconscious… like I’m channeling them. Linda pulled the lightness out of me, both personally and musically. This record is definitely still bold, but it’s happier. It’s kind of like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon, which is why the band logo now is a butterfly.”

* IMG_5009 smooth copy 3
Nick Maybury of Dorothy performing at the TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

Dorothy is comprised of vocalist Dorothy Martin, guitarist Nick Maybury, guitarist Leroy Wulfmeier, bassist Eliot Lorango, and drummer Jason Ganberg. All photos included in this article are from Dorothy’s January 13 WMMR sponsored performance at Philadelphia’s TLA. The opening act was Union County, New Jersey’s alternative rock heroes, In Our Glory, fronted by the edgy and charismatic Gina Petro.

* In Our Glory 2 copy 4 noise
In Our Glory performing at The TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

Dorothy: websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
In Our Glory: FacebookTwitter

_D Flawless Single2

Track listing for 28 Days in the Valley: 1. “Flawless,” 2. “Who Do You Love,” 3. “Pretty When You’re High,” 4. “Mountain,” 5. “Freedom,” 6. “White Butterfly,” 7. “28 Days In The Valley (Interlude),” 8. “On My Knees,” 9. “Black Tar & Nicotine,” 10. “Philadelphia,” 11. “Ain’t Our Time To Die,” 12. “We Are Staars,” and 13. “We Need Love.”

* IMG_4868 copy 3
Gina Petro of In Our Glory performing at the TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

Additionally, BOSS, the company dedicated to supporting musicians and helping guitarists realize their dreams, has teamed up with Dorothy to support the band’s grassroots initiative to select local artists as opening acts. [For information on how to submit your band, click here.)

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Dorothy Martin of Dorothy performing at The TLA in Philadelphia (January 13, 2018).

Remaining dates for Dorothy’s 2018 Freedom Tour:

January 23  – Orpheum – Tampa, FL
January 25  – Jack Rabbits Live – Jacksonville, FL
January 26  – Terminal West – Atlanta, GA
January 27  – Mercy Lounge – Nashville, TN
February 14  – Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA
February 16  – The Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
February 17  – Music Box – San Diego, CA
February 18  – The Independent – San Francisco, CA
February 22  – Crocodile Café – Seattle, WA
February 23  – The Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, Canada
February 24  – Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
February 26  – Top Hat Lounge – Missoula, MT
February 27  – The Olympic – Boise, ID
February 28  – Metro Music Hall – Salt Lake City, UT
March 2  – Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO
March 3  – Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO
March 5  – The Record Bar – Kansas City, MO
March 6  – Blueberry Hill – University City, MO
March 8  – The Parish – Austin, TX
March 9  – House of Blues, Cambridge Room – Dallas, TX
March 10  – White Oak Music Hall – Houston, TX

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