Scared In Jersey terrifies with a triple dose of horror at the PNC Bank Arts Center

Photo 8 @travisephotovideo
The Maze. Photo: @travisephotovideo

According to legend, Deborah’s husband, Japhet Leeds, was a drunkard who did little to provide for his wife and 12 children. When Deborah realized she was pregnant for the 13th time, she cried out, “Let this one be a devil!” and unwittingly placed a curse on her unborn child.

On October 15, 1735, the night Deborah went into labor, there was a frightful storm. Her cries of pain and anguish rivaled the intensity of the thunder and lightning that evening. After a troubled delivery, the Leeds were blessed with what seemed like a perfect child.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

The child began to change. Its feet hardened and split into hooves while its hands sprouted long, sharp talons. The creature grew fangs, wings, horns, and a tail before brutally slaughtering everyone in the room and fleeing through the chimney.

Devil 1 @travisephotovideo
The Jersey Devil. Photo: @travisephotovideo

To this day, the creature stalks the Pine Barrens… and beyond. Some claim it is the devil himself that was set loose upon our world. Those who encounter the creature tend to meet a gruesome fate.

Maze4 by Keeyahtay Lewis
The Maze. Photo: Keeyahtay Lewis

At Scared In Jersey, you will relive that horrific night at the Leeds’ cottage. Then, you will try to escape the Pine Barrens by navigating your way through a dark and treacherous maze. At every turn, you will be greeted by the unfortunate victims of the beast. Show no pity for these ghastly individuals because they want nothing more than to feast on your very soul. Be warned, the devil has your scent and is hot on your heels. If you are not careful, the monster can easily corner you in a narrow passageway, leaving you with no hope of escape. Or survival!

approved shot by @travisephotovideo image1
Blood Drums. Photo: @travisephotovideo

If you somehow do manage to get out, your treat is the mind-blowing musical ferocity of Blood Drums. The band is comprised of savage creatures who hammer out rhythms with objects such as bats and power tools on oil drums in a spectacular display of sights and sounds that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Blood Drums4 by Keeyahtay Lewis
Blood Drums. Photo: Keeyahtay Lewis

Scared In Jersey is one of the most wholly satisfying Halloween attractions you could ever hope to experience. It is an hour long, interactive show that will get your adrenalin surging, giving you that exhilarating rush that makes you feel so alive. But remember, no one escapes without a scream.

Blood Drums2 by Keeyahtay Lewis
Blood Drums. Photo: Keeyahtay Lewis

Because of the intensity of this attraction, it is not recommended for children under the age of 10. No costumes or masks will be admitted into the show. Additionally, no video or flash photography is permitted.

Mother Leeds Cottage by Keeyahtay Lewis
Leeds’ Cottage. Photo: Keeyahtay Lewis

Scared In Jersey is open Friday through Sunday nights at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey. Because of this show’s popularity and limited audience size, it is strongly recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance.

Tickets: 1-800-745-3000

Scared In Jersey: websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
Blood Drums: website • FacebookInstagramTwitter

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