Trust iPlay America to take your celebration up to eleven!

img_837502-jpgiPlay America isn’t just a venue, it’s a thriving indoor entertainment metropolis. Located in Freehold, New Jersey, this multifaceted Mecca for fun is fully equipped for any kind of family thrills you can imagine. There’s a rope course, arcade games, bowling, a 4D movie theater, a candy store, games, boardwalk food, rides, a restaurant, a massive event space (suitable for concerts), a roller coaster, and so much more. It’s an entire world that was created for one purpose: enjoyment.

By combining a celebratory atmosphere, great food, and superb entertainment, Sunday night, February 12, iPlay America offered guests an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience.

Walking through the doors, surprised attendees discovered that the main thoroughfare had been turned into what felt like an outdoor restaurant on an enchanting promenade. At one end of the gated off section was a large stage with ample room for dancing, but the rest of the area was a sea of tables, mostly two-tops that were perfect for couples.

img_8382An attentive wait staff from the Game Time Bar & Grill hurried about the maze of diners, offering a wide variety of drinks as classic romantic recordings from bygone days played sweetly in the background creating a magical mood. Besides soda, wine, and beer, the establishment had crafted four strikingly flavorful cocktails to add an extra special pizzazz to the evening. Patrons could enjoy a Raspberry Kiss, a Sweet Russian, a Hot Date, or Something Sweet. The Hot Date tasted just like you were drinking a glass full of cinnamon hearts!

Then, it was time for the food. For this event, Game Time Bar & Grill was offering an exquisite selection of items that were all prepared with attention and care. The overly generous portion of “Grilled Caesar Salad” was an entire meal in and of itself, a dazzling plate of robust flavors and startlingly contrasting textures. Also on the appetizer menu were “Wild Mushroom Roulade” and “Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail.” The entrée choices consisted of a delectable “Macadamia Crusted Salmon,” a hearty “CAB 8oz Filet,” or an absolutely satisfying “Chicken Saltimbocca” with lemon herb sauce.

img_8368While the entrées were making their way to the tables, Captain Jack, The Ultimate “Live” Billy Joel Tribute Band took the stage with a blazing rendition of “Everybody Loves You Now.” What makes this bands so special is the fact that they don’t reproduce the album tracks, they offer live concert versions curated from 30 years of Billy Joel shows. You get the biggest hits, the deepest cuts, and a few surprises thrown in as well. Truly, Captain Jack is a tribute band unlike any you’ve ever heard before. They play the blisteringly hot and sizzling versions of songs such as “My Life,” “New York State of Mind,” “Just The Way You Are,” “Movin’ Out,” “Always a Woman,” “Big Shot,” “Miami 2017,” “Pressure,” “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant,” and more.

About forty-five minutes into the performance, it was time for dessert. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries,” “Créme Brule,” or “Fresh Berries Drizzled with Amaretto Sabayon.” It didn’t matter which you picked, each was a decadent dive into pure indulgence, a sinfully sweet treat to conclude the meal.

However, just because the desserts had all been digested, that didn’t mean the night was over. The drinks kept coming and Captain Jack kept playing. The band crescendoed throughout the last half of their set, encouraging dancing and singing along. What a glorious wrap up to an wonderfully exhilarating and romantic affair!

When iPlay America throws a party, you know it’s going to be done right because entertainment is their business!


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