“Naked” Q&A with the captivating Brielle Von Hugel

naked-artwork“This is my life. I do it all day, everyday and I live for it,” Brielle Von Hugel told Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler a few short years ago on American Idol. Now, the soulful artist has a blazing new single called “Naked” (F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Records) and she’s showing the world the incredible heights you can reach through a steadfast dedication and devotion to your craft.

“Naked” is cripplingly beautiful. Brielle’s voice brings your soul to its knees in respect and adoration. She sings with a full and rich tone that contains more than a touch of rebellious grit around the edges. A rare artist, Brielle possesses both an astonishing vocal strength and a captivating delicacy. Her voice can stop the world from spinning.

Entertaining Options: Does any of this song stem from your experience in the music business or is it more of an intimate track that was written for that special someone who really gets you?

Brielle Von Hugel: A little bit of both. My self-doubt has definitely been under the microscope since being in the music business as well as in my personal life, too. I wanted the “Naked message” to be universal and for the listener to interpret it in their own way.

EO: Was there a catalyzing moment that made this idea so important that it needed to become a song?

Brielle: There wasn’t a specific moment that made me want to write this song, just an overall goal to be a role model and voice for others.

EO: What have you discovered or learned about yourself through the writing of this song?

Brielle: I have learned to just be myself, always! Life is too short to not be.

press-photo-3EO: How have your fans reacted to this powerful song?

Brielle: I have the most amazing fans/family/friends and support system. I’ve had both people who are dear to me and complete strangers tell me that the song has touched them and inspired them. I can’t even begin to explain how much that means to me.

EO: Is it frightening or empowering to be “naked”/real?

Brielle: Being real is totally empowering. I have been taking my own advice lately and it’s been great. Go after what you love and be YOU!

EO: Do you feel pressure to be perfect or do you look at it more as a challenge?

Brielle: In the beginning, I felt sooo much pressure but now that I’m grown and know who I am and what I want to do, it’s way easier. Confidence is key!

press-photo-2EO: What can you tell other people that will help them break free of whatever it is that is holding them back and keeping them from being who they are or who they could be?

Brielle: Don’t go through life regretting! Do what you love and do it now! Life has so much to offer and you are capable of anything. There’s nothing to fear. Hard work, determination, and passion are all you need.

EO: Who are your biggest role models?

Brielle: My mother and my grandmother. Two of my BIGGEST role models. Strongest women I know. They have both gone through so much and I’m blessed to have been raised by these brilliant, beautiful warriors.

press-photo-4EO: What do you hope to do for others through this song and your career?

Brielle: I hope to use my music to relay positivity and inspire others.

EO: Is there pressure that goes with being a role model or is it more of an honor and a thrill?

Brielle: Both! I don’t ever want listeners to think that I’m a perfect human without any flaws because that is totally not the case! We are all unique and have our scars. It’s a total honor to be a role model and I sincerely hope that one day I can make a difference in someone’s life.

EO: There is a classical feel to this song. Where did that come from?

Brielle: When I was writing “Naked” with my team (Laura Monaco-Martino, Joey Martino, and Todd Schroeder), we wanted the sound as well as the message to be universal. So, a familiar, timeless sound, if you will.

press-photo-1EO: The video is extremely intimate and powerful. Who came up with the idea?

Brielle: It was a collaborative effort. We didn’t want a huge, detailed concept that would take away from the message so we kept it simple and straight forward.

EO: Do you ever feel like you are playing a character when you put on makeup and fashionable outfits or is it all just an extension of you?

Brielle: It is an extension of me, for sure! I’m a total girly girl when it comes to the performance side of me. Huge fan of the glam!! But it’s always fun and relaxing to be makeup free and wearing sweatpants during the week.

press-photo-5EO: What would people be most surprised to learn about you?

Brielle: I’m a homebody! I love staying home in my pj’s and watching The Food Network. Haha!

There are still a few remaining dates on Brielle’s current tour. Next week, you can see her perform “Naked” live in the following cities:

Tuesday, February 14 – Arlington Theatre – Santa Barbara, CA
Wednesday, February 15 – Bing Concert Hall, Stanford University – Stanford, CA
Thursday, February 16 – Balboa Theatre – San Diego, CA
Friday, February 17 – Segerstrom Center for the Arts – Costa Mesa, CA
Saturday, February 18 – Silver Legacy Resort & Casino – Reno, NV

Brielle Von Hugel: websiteFacebookInstagramTwittertour dates/tickets

“Naked” live at Sofar New York:

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  1. Beth says:

    beautiful, timeless piece

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    1. Allen Foster says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Brielle is an incredible artist.


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