Heartfelt Silk And Gravel Vocals Define Angie And The Deserters’ “You”

Angie Bruyere is the mesmerizing frontwoman of the atmospheric alt country ensemble Angie and The Deserters. Her voice is worn in all the right places like your favorite pair of jeans so you can easily slip into her melodies and feel like you’ve found home. Her poetry knows the shadows of your soul — listening to a track like “When The Nighttime Comes” turns you inside out, leaving all your secrets exposed in the cracks between her lyrics. The smoky grit of her finely seasoned, sultry voice is an exquisite flavor that your ears will crave with the ferocity of addiction.


You is the highly-anticipated follow-up to the head-turning blaze of Blood Like Wine that Angie and The Deserters released earlier this year. Blood Like Wine features a smoldering blast of kick-the-saloon-door-open, bad girl antics with “Country Radio” and the intoxicating, leave-you-breathless swagger of “The Gift.” On Blood Like Wine, Angie grabbed you by the collar, tossed you on her bike, burned a trail down the highway, and threw you on her bed.


You, on the other hand, is more of a late-night heart-to-heart. The EP was written utilizing beautifully raw and honest lyrics that are bolstered by a defiant vulnerability. Tracks like “Stay” and “Goodbyes” radiate a stunning poignancy while the first single,”You,” reveals a dark intimacy with the confusion, fear, and pain experienced with waning love. The moving video for the song makes an even more impactful statement as it shows an elderly couple coming to terms with growing apart.

“17 Days” is an uptempo look at the way the road you’re on actually defines your path in life. The track is brought to a vibrant life by the crisp musicianship of Angie’s bandmates, Kyle Stevens, Danny Hulsizer, and Chris Lawrence.


Slated to be the next single is the standout track “Forgetting to Forget.” This is the kind of song that proves perfection exists. Angie has transformed the intriguing gravel of her voice into a captivating silk. Employing a slightly more mainstream beat and delivering her lyrics with a powerful emotional crescendo that peaks with an unforgettable chorus, she has crafted a genuine genre-crossing hit.


Angie spent her early childhood roaming train tracks and exploring the backwoods of upstate New York. Later, she moved to Southern California and embarked on a modeling career, which offered her the opportunity to travel the world. Her life is a vast assemblage of experiences that she can mine to pen remarkably insightful lyrics that possess universal appeal.


Fun Fact: The striking cover to You was taken by legendary rock ‘n’ roll photographer, Henry Diltz (The Eagles, Neil Young, Linda Rondstadt, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and so many more). “Having the experience of spending the day shooting with Henry Diltz was a dream for me. He really captured me in a way that no one else has,” Angie expressed.

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  1. Joyce Lane says:

    It was fun doing this video ( you) for her I enjoyed if a log she is a great singer hope to see her again


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