Q&A with Alma and Michael from Lifetime’s “Love at First Flight”

Love at First Flight

With only two more episodes to go, the couples on Love at First Flight have some tough decisions to make. And Lifetime isn’t making it any easier for them. Last stop before the alter? Hawaii! Talk about shaking things up a bit. Nothing like putting the honeymoon before the marriage.

Continuing our celebration leading up to the season finale, here’s our Q&A with Alma and Michael.

Could you do something that challenged your own personal moral-code for someone you loved?

Alma: I’m a ‘Ride or Die’ type of woman, break a rule or law for the man I love? Sure, only if absolutely no one or myself is in danger or gets hurt. Personal moral-code? Absolutely not. If it goes against my values, that man is not for me. Someone who truly loves you for who you are would never put you in a position to challenge your own personal moral-code. Ever!

Michael: I feel that I have enough confidence in Alma to not question her morals and know that she wouldn’t put either of us in a questionable situation. However, if the situation were to occur, I would like to think that I would stay true to my own moral conscience… But love can be blinding and when you are head over heels anything is possible.

Which is worse having your heart broken or breaking someone’s heart?

Alma: Having your heart broken is worse than breaking someone’s heart, at least for me it is. The times I have broken hearts have never been with ill will or done maliciously. I always walked away confident about my decision and have felt liberated acting on the truth by ending something that did not make me feel good about myself. When someone has broken my heart, it hurts more because you feel like they didn’t try hard enough or made excuses. In the long run, no one walks away from a love that is written in the stars. True love endures the good AND the not so pretty or easy. But when you feel that person has the potential to be a great life partner yet they would rather make excuses to not be in a committed, healthy, communicative, and caring relationship… that’s more difficult to accept and temporarily stings.

Michael: There is nothing wrong with telling someone how you feel, especially if a relationship isn’t working out. It’s unfair to waste someone’s time, and ultimately, if you want out, it’s far better to end things than to prolong the inevitable. In doing so, you can break someone’s heart and still be respectful while staying true to yourself. However, you cannot control the other party’s reaction. While breaking someone’s heart is a hard pill to swallow, I feel it’s not nearly as bad as having your heart broken. When you break someone’s heart, you have the control, the ability to move because it is of your own volition. When your heart is broken, you become debilitated, you lose hope, and scramble to find any justification or logic. Unfortunately, there is no sentence in the jail of heartbreak and that is the worst part, you don’t know if and when you will overcome the heartbreak.

What is the best dating advice you have ever been given?

Michael: Dating is trial and error; it’s okay to have some bad relationships on the way to finding your soul mate. We all know its easier to find what we don’t want than what we actually do want.

Alma: “Be with someone who makes you a better woman and never settle for less.” I am a woman of faith and a true believer that the Universe has my back. I honestly believe God has prepared him for me. It is up to me to make sure I’m paying attention and listening to the signs! Michael Naccari taught me not to run so fast and to not cut off anyone ever unless they give you reason to do so or you can possibly lose out on a blessing. I’m so glad I listened to him… truly life changing.

Described as Married at First Sight meets The Amazing Race, Lifetime’s Love at First Flight‘s double-episode season finale airs Tuesday, May 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Linet Mandilk says:

    I believe that Ryan made his decision to not pursue a relationship with Stephanie way too soon. Her behavior is Vegas was based on a challenge. She was just having some fun. It wasn’t like she left Ryan to go with one of the male dancers. That’s what those men are paid to do. Ryan was being to obsessive. They started out with a very kind & loving connection. She really loved Ryan. He made a mistake by not continuing their relationship to see where it could go. They had great potential. I feel sad for Stephanie.


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