Interview with Lindsay Lamb of “Blue Line”: Many moons since Cromwell

Lindsay Blue Line“Blue Line” (Switzer Entertainment Group) is a full throttle action flick fueled by two driven women, Lindsay Walters (played by Jordan Ladd) and her best friend Nicole (played by Nikki Moore). The pair plot a crime spree to rob Lindsay’s abusive husband and use his own money to start over. Things get a little complicated when Detective Broza (played by Tom Sizemore) becomes involved in an unexpected way. The volatile situation quickly escalates and Lindsay and Nicole are forced to improvise. The spunky Bunny Abbott (played by Lindsay Lamb), a local cheerleading captain who seems to care more about her phone than her life, becomes a key negotiating tool as the drama amps up to it’s pulse-pounding conclusion.

This high-octane film will be released worldwide tomorrow, March 17, via video on demand. It was the first legitimate project that Lindsay Lamb booked after graduating from the University of Southern California where she studied acting and cinematography.

“I met one of the producers of ‘Blue Line,’ Richard Switzer, probably a year before that, while I was still in school. I met him through my agent and I worked with him on a film that, at the time was being called ‘School’s Out,’ but is being released as ‘After School Special.'” Lindsay informed. “We got to talking and he told me about some of the upcoming projects he had and I told him if there was ever a role, I’d love to read for it. He kept that in mind and when the role of ‘Bunny’ came up, I read the script, went for the role, and ended up booking it.”

“I think it helped that they had worked with me before and knew that I wasn’t some sort of a crazy lunatic… Well, I’m definitely a little crazy, but they knew what kind of crazy they were getting into. I’m a manageable crazy” she laughed. “It’s nice to keep working with the same people because you know what you’re going to get, there are no surprises.”

Lindsay_6837 copyThe role of “Bunny” continues an interesting theme in the talented actress’ career and life. Animals. Besides her last name and her current role, she’s been in “Arlo: The Burping Pig,” “Emma’s Chance” (about an abused show horse), and “Apple of My Eye” (a powerful and courageous film about a blind girl’s remarkable bond with her miniature horse).

“I’ve just been realizing that myself,” she acknowledged. “Lately, I haven’t been doing many films without animals. There were no animals in ‘Blue Line,’ so I thought I got away with doing a project without an animal in it… Except they named me after one,” she noted, laughing.

In real life, Lindsay has two rescue dogs, Jovie and Scotch.

“I love animals, I’m a huge animal person. Everyone thinks Jovie is named after Bon Jovi, but she’s not — I didn’t even think of that when I named her. She’s named after Zooey Deschanel’s character in ‘Elf.'”

When asked if Scotch was named after Scotch tape, she replied, “Yes, of course, Scotch tape.” Then she added, “It’s funny because he’s a human vacuum cleaner and people have made the comment that he is Scotch tape because he picks up absolutely everything off the ground.”

However, just because there’s a coincidental thread that you can trace through some of Lindsay’s work, don’t think this artist is limited in any way. She has a robust range and can portray everything from a ditzy blonde cheerleader or that snarky rich girl that you can’t stand to a music video vixen or a badass superhero with mad fighting skills that would make Jackie Chan hesitate before engaging in battle with her.

IMG_4343 copy“Thank you! It’s a lot of fun playing all these cheerleader type roles, but about a year and a half ago, I started writing my own material because if anybody were to just look at me, they’d see I’m a petite little blonde chick. Nobody’s going to give me a grungy, dark character, so I started writing my own scenes and short films and then I started producing them. I put a few of them on my reel to make sure that people would see that I can do other things besides playing the little, ditzy blonde.”

“Would your high school crowd say you were the cheerleader type?” Entertaining Options asked.

“No, no, no,” she laughed. “I’m not the peppy cheerleader type. I have a pretty dry sense of humor and I’m sarcastic, so I think the cheerleader roles are strictly coming from the fact that I’m blonde.”

Jumping back to her fight scenes for a moment, what is impressive about Lindsay’s style is the fluidity of her movements. She exhibits a seamless grace in her fight choreography.

“I’ve had a ton of dance training,” she revealed. “I was a ballerina for years and years and years, so that’s probably where that came from. I put a little reel together, it’s a very, very specific genre: cosplay fighting. It definitely has its own specificity to it. I have been training in different forms of combat and it’s interesting because I’ll glide into the next move and they will say, ‘What are you doing?! You need to hit it solid. There’s no grace in a punch.’ I definitely want to continue to do that. I love it. It really incorporates dance — and I love dance — so it’s the best of both worlds.”

The cosplay fighting introduced Lindsay to a whole world she had previously been unfamiliar with. “Comic cons are so much fun!” she enthused. “When you are there, it is such a cool environment and the people are all so welcoming, open, and happy. If you haven’t been, it is something that you have to do just to experience it.”

Speaking of comic cons, in 2015, a dapper gentleman by the name of Burt Reynolds was making the rounds. Lindsay had the pleasure of working with him on the aforementioned “Apple of My Eye,” a film written and directed by the gifted Castille Landon.

“I was on the producing team for that film as well as acting, so I got to work with him in a couple of different realms,” Lamb recalled. “I also had the chance to chat with him a bunch because I was always on set. He’s just amazing. He’s so wonderful and he’s 80 years old! It’s crazy to think that because he took pictures with absolutely everybody, signed every autograph and was so sweet and humble and so ridiculously talented and so charming. I was watching a few scenes from that film the other day and I was thinking, he is just so perfect.”

Lindsay also worked with Amy Smart, whom she referred to as “an angel sent from above,” on that film.

Lindsay_6621 copy“As a producer or a director, you do the best you can and you kind of cross your fingers because it’s hard when all of these different personalities come together,” she pointed out. “You can have chemistry reads and table reads and a million different auditions, but at the end of the day, it’s kind of up to chance to see how everybody is going to mesh once you’re all on set.”

Which brings us back to the incredible potency and chemistry of “Blue Line.”

“It’s funny, ‘Blue Line’ was one of the first professional films that I did and it’s going to be coming out on Friday. But I’ve done quite a few projects in between, so it’s going to be interesting to see. I’m actually a little nervous. It was a blast to shoot. We shot in Cromwell, Connecticut and that whole town and community just embraced the film 110%. We were shooting in the middle of a snowstorm and we had a lot of different elements against us, but from the little bit I’ve seen, it looks like everything turned out really great! I’m really looking forward to finally seeing this finished film because it’s been many moons since we were shooting in Cromwell!”

“Blue Line” is available worldwide via VOD services. For more information on Lindsay Lamb, check out her website, like her on Facebook and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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